PyCon MY 2022

Conference Date: 16th September 2022 to 18th September 2022

Venue: Sutera Magella, Kota Kinabalu

PyCon MY 2022 Website: 2022 Event page



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PyCon MY 2022

PyCon MY 2022

It is happening. It has been two years since we have met fellow Pythonistas in MY physically.

Hence, PyCon MY 2022 will be in physical and we are moving to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

PyCon MY 2022 will be different compared to last few PyCons. Apart from enjoying the scenery at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, we will be having a small gathering with different sprints projects for attendees to work with.

This is also an exclusive event since we will only be admitting 80 attendees for this PyCon.

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Introducing Our Keynote Speaker

We are pleased to inform that Ng Swee Meng, is our Keynote Speaker for PyCon MY Camp 2022

Swee Meng is a long-time software engineer. Discovering python in 1998 when he was 14. That has setup a path unknowingly to the world of programming. Since then, he has been a software engineer and system administrator for various organizations using python programming language.

Currently he is a lead DevOps engineer for Databolt, he is using python among many tools to manage the cloud infrastructure running the platform. Outside of work, he is also exploring various technologies which have python components, from machine learning to embedded systems. 

He also happens to start the Malaysian Python conference, member of the early open-source community in Malaysia, which include the Python User Group. He also founded Sinar Project, an early Malaysian Civic Tech organization.

Keynote Title: Exploration of local tech community of the past, present and the future.

This talk will try to explore the Malaysian tech community. I will cover MyOSS to the Current tech community in Malaysia. I will talk about the evolution of the tech community since then. Hopefully I know where things will be going to the future. 

You may also see the insider story of beginning of PyCon Malaysia and the Python Community, with photos hopefully. 

Also recruitment for future community leaders to keep the movement going!

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