Meeting the volunteers for PyCon MY 2016

Today we met with the 15 volunteers that will help us as part of the staff for PyCon MY 2016.

Students of IUMW volunteering for PyCon MY 2016

We spent 2 hours going through the Code Of Conduct, Issues Handling, and conference day Playbook documents before walking around campus making final checks for registration tables, lunch arrangements and other logistics issues.

The students have elected among themselves a volunteer leader to act as a manager assigning the various roles to other volunteers.

Thank you to IUMW for allowing us to work with the students, and thank you to our volunteers for their help to make PyCon MY 2016 a comfortable and successful conference.

IUMW Second Site Visit

On the 29th of April 2016 we made a second site visit to the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, International University of Malaya-Wales and the Dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Patrice brought us around the campus showing us the facilities which will be available for PyCon MY 2016.

With the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (FSTEM) Prof. Dr. Patrice
The main auditorium that can fit 400 people.
One of the seminar rooms available for tracks.
Cafeteria facility.

We spent around over 2 hours going around the facilities planning how the event can fit well with what will be available for us.

The Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics IUMW is also around 520 meters from the Putra Komuter train station, and will take you around 7 minutes to walk from the station to the faculty building.