Plantinum Sponsor: JetBrains

At JetBrains, we make professional software development a more productive and enjoyable experience.

We help developers work faster by automating common, repetitive tasks to enable them to stay focused on code design and the big picture. We provide tools to explore and familiarize with code bases faster. Our products make it easy for you to take care of quality during all stages of development and spend less time on maintenance tasks.

Feature Sponsor Speakers:

Paul Everitt

Paul is a PyCharm and WebStorm Developer Advocate at JetBrains. Before that, Paul was a co-founder of Zope Corporation, taking the first open source application server through $14M of funding…(More)

Speaking Session:

Title: Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown

Date: (19th September 2020,9:00 am – 9:45 am)