How to Login to PyCon APAC 2020 Internal Portal

Welcome to PyCon APAC 2020 online.

This page will guide you on how to register yourself using the internal portal that contains all the protected conference live video links.

1. Login to

2. As we are using self-signed certificate, you might encounter the scenario below. Please click “Advanced -> Proceed (unsafe)“. For those who doesn’t see this option, you might want to consider lower the security of your browser.

Note: For Mac User, we recommend to use Safari or Firefox, since there is an issue with Chrome. Refer here and here. No more!!! The site is secure now!

You can safely ignored this. We got history, but we improve from the lesson and we have nice Pythonistas around us!

3. Once you have clicked the “Proceed (unsafe)”, you will be prompted to the page below:

Click “register here”

4. Enter your email address that used to register Peatix (NOTE: It needs to be same as the email address that you use to login to Peatix tickets!) and your password. Click “Register” once you have entered the required details.

5. The page will prompt back to the login page again. Enter the same username/password that you use to register and click “Login”.

6. After the login, you will see the page below. Click “Check In” to check-in.

7. Voila!

8. Once you have successfully login, click “Schedule”, it will bring to the schedule. Click on the BOLD title to watch live video.


  1. Please check-in as early as possible to avoid unnecessary congestion. If you encounter any issue with the site, please contact us or leave a chat message on our Facebook Page as soon as possible!
  2. Please login with the email address that you use to purchase a ticket from Peatix.
  3. Purchase tickets before you login.