Cytron Discount Code for all PyCon Attendees!


We are so thrilled to announce Cytron will giveaway RM 20 discount codes to Rapsberry Pi 3 / Rapsberry Pi 3 B+ Model for all PyCon MY 2018 attendees!

Founded in 2004, Cytron provides series of reliable off-the-shelf development boards, electronic modules, mechanical parts, tools and accessories to assist makers, inventors and engineers in experimenting with their ideas especially in building robots.

Big thanks to Cytron for supporting us!

PyCon MY is happening from 25 August to 26 August 2018 at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (our venue partner).

Speak for PyCon MY! Submit your proposal here 4th August 2018.

PyCon APAC 2017 Conference T-Shirt on sale

In order to reduce waste, unlike previous PyCon in Malaysia we are selling the conference t-shirt separate than the conference ticket. T-shirts are MYR35.00 a piece.

You can purchase the conference t-shirt here:

We have prepared S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes for you. You can find the size guide on the Peatix page. Purchased t-shirts will be given out during the conference day.

This is what the t-shirt will look like:


O’Reilly discounts when you attend PyCon MY 2015

More good news when you attend PyCon MY 2015 in August:

O’Reilly, the chronicler and catalyst of leading-edge development, is generous enough to offer us discount codes through their O’Reilly’s Partner Program for EVERYONE attending PyCon MY 2015!

The discount code will be good for 40% off most print and 50% off most ebooks and videos on

O'Reilly Media

What’s the discount code? Well, I will only tell you on the event day, of course!

Thank you to the team at O’Reilly for making this happen.

Free AWS credits to attendees and additional special credits for speakers

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) becoming our F&B sponsors we’re thrilled to also announce that they have also agreed to give away free AWS credits during PyCon MY 2015.

Thank you Matthew G for the lovely picture. No changes was made.
All registered attendees (just purchasing tickets but not coming doesn’t make you eligable) of PyCon MY 2015 will be presented with free AWS credits, with speakers getting extra special credits on top of those free credits, courtesy of AWS.

How many free credits? No, I’m not going to tell you now. (lol
In order for you to receive the free credits, we would need to pass to AWS your registered email address and name and they will contact you directly. So make sure your particulars are correct.
If you for some reason or another would not want your details to be known to AWS, please inform us during registration at the venue. In that case, please understand that you will not be eligible for the free credits.