PyCon APAC 2017: Development sprint report

About Development Sprint

Development Sprint was held on 28th August 2017 at Makmal Mikro 1, Blok A, Fakulti Sains Komputer & Teknologi Maklumat, Universiti Malaya.

Our sprint lead is Mr. Bhavani Shankar, a senior consultant for Accion Labs Pvt and he is also a community contributor for Ubuntu.

The sprint was consists of two parts:

  1. Python package for Ubuntu (before lunch)
  2. API testing using opencafe (after lunch)

Development Sprint by the numbers

We managed to get 12 attendees out of 23 tickets sold.

Rooms for Improvement

This is our first sprint session in PyCon MY, so the shortcomings are inevitable.

In term of communication, based on my cursory observation, most of the participants had problem understanding the speech because of the sprint lead’s thick accent.

In term of content, I believe that the slides are too short and not really go in depth.

In term of time management, we ended our session too early. The session was supposed to end around 6PM but we ended at around 4PM.

In term of accommodations, we were not prepared to cater for people with disabilities and food restrictions (vegetarian). We had to make last minute plan on bringing the sprint lead and his wife to nearby vegetarian restaurant.


We can do this again in future, but with much better planning. However, I personally believe that we (Pycon MY) should stick to workshop format unless if the sprint manager has experience working/participating on a sprint before.


Development Sprint for PyCon APAC 2017

For PyCon APAC 2017, we are organizing a one day development sprint event, where developers regardless of skill level get together with project maintainers to work on open source projects.

Development sprint events are a great way for you to meet and actually work with experienced developers on interesting projects. More than often, conference development sprint events are where many new people start making their name working on open source projects. It’s a great place to start if you have ever thought of contributing to Open Source projects, but did not know where to start.

Development sprints for PyCon APAC 2017 will be held at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Time: 10AM to 6PM
Sprint Venue: Makmal Mikro 1, Blok A, FSKTM, University Malaya.

The sprint event is free, and you are not required to purchase a PyCon APAC 2017 ticket, but space is limited: Please be considerate to other people that really is interested to join the sprints, and only get tickets if you can confirm that you can attend the event.

If you’re interested to participate in the sprints, please get your free tickets here:

Sprint Lead

The development sprint will be lead by Bhavani Shankar from Ubuntu:


Bhavani Shankar is a cerebral palsy affected guy who has around 8
years of experience in the IT industry, presently working as a senior
consultant in Accion Labs Pvt limited in an automation specialist

Apart from his work at Accion Labs he is an active ubuntu community
contributor from the past 10 years in various roles from being an
active contributing member to a developer to being on the governance
councils in the ubuntu community.

More info about his ubuntu work

Launchpad Profile:
Wiki page:

We will announce more leads for the sprint as they become available.