Speaker Series – Aniruddha Adhikary

19424212_1345556305493575_5376800575250837975_n - Aniruddha Adhikary Aniruddha is a Software Engineer at Telenor Health, working on spreading healthcare to the grassroots of Bangladesh. He has experience working on Web Applications, Data Mining, Data Engineering, and Data Analysis. He has been programming and hacking on open source projects for eight years. Anything about Healthcare and Natural Language Processing gets him excited. His major contributions include Firefox OS and spaCy.

Topic: 6 Steps to Your First Commit to Open Source.

You’ve always imagined your commit in a project, imagined massive companies and systems running on your code! With only six short steps, you can be proud of your work serving millions and screaming your value to potential employers.

Contributing to an open source project often feels intimidating and out of reach, but it doesn’t have to be. Open source contributions signal and point to your technical and collaborative qualities. Fork, Clone, Commit and send a Pull Request. Developing patience, the ability to receive feedback and working on feedback are essential for Open Source.

The joy of having your code reach millions is something not worth missing out on. Find a Project. Join the talk in a journey through rejections, review requests and version control nightmares to being a proud contributor.

Targeting audience with beginner level of Python knowledge.



Speaker Series – Renyi Khor

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 10.37.46 PM.pngRenyi is a self-thought coder from Malaysia. He has been coding professionally for more than 15 years. Today, he runs his own software development company and co-founded several startups.

Topic: Supercharge Django for modern web development.

Django is an extremely popular, high level and solid Python web framework. In this talk, Renyi likes to explore how to push Django to its limit, making it a serious contender in the modern times – the world of linked data and artificial intelligence.

Targeting audience with advanced level of Python knowledge.



Speaker Series – Manuel Riel

DSC_0134-M copy - Manu MadarisManuel started out by selling tailor-made shirts from China to Europe using a badly-coded PHP site. He then continued to run a web design and consulting agency before getting involved with open source projects, like Debian and Borg Backup.

Currently, he lives in Kuala Lumpur and runs BorgBase.com, a backup hosting based on Borg Backup, Django and Vue.js.

Topic: Integrating GraphQL with Django.

This talk is targeting Python web developers. It first introduces the GraphQL syntax and the differences with REST. Next, we will build a simple Django backend with a Vue.js frontend. In the process we will learn how to effectively map Django models to GraphQL, add authentication and test our new API.

Targeting audience with intermediate level of Python knowledge.


Speaker Series – Takanori Suzuki

sokidan_waifu2x_square - Takanori Suzuki.png Takanori is a Vice Chairperson of PyCon JP Committee(www.pycon.jp). He is also a director of BeProud Inc.(www.beproud.jp), and his title is “Python Climber”. Takanori held PyCon JP 2014 to 2016 as the chairperson. Currently, he teaches Python to beginners as a lecturer at Python Boot Camp(pycamp.pycon.jp) all over Japan.
In addition, he published several Python books.

Tananori plays trumpet, climbs boulder, loves Lego, ferrets and beer.

Topic: Automate the Boring Stuff with Slackbot.

Today, we have many repetitive tasks in the company/community. In addition, we often use chat such as Slack for daily communication. Hence, Takanori created a chatbot(PyCon JP Bot: https://github.com/pyconjp/pyconjpbot) to automate various boring tasks related to holding PyCon JP.

In this talk, Takanori will first explain how to create a chatbot using slackbot (https://github.com/lins05/slackbot). He will show you how to register bot’s integration on Slack and how to create a simple bot in Python that responds to specific keywords.

And as a specific case, he will explain how to make a bot command to perform the following operations and handle technical problems:
– Emoji reaction
– Calculator: SymPy
– Karma(plusplus): Peewee
– Search issues, display issue details: JIRA API
– Create multiple issues from a template: JIRA API, Sheets Spreadsheet API
– Search files from Google Drive: Google Drive API
– Account management of G Suite(user, alias, group and member): G Suite API
– etc.

Targeting audience with intermediate level of Python knowledge.

Speaker Series – Husein Zolkepli

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 5.33.00 PM.png Husein Zolkepli is the founder and Chief Technical Officer of Mesolitica Sdn Bhd, and Chief Data Scientist of Bitcurate Co. He is a software engineer focusing on big data, machine learning and data science.

A former Executive AI, he developed Bahasa Malaysia parser for Chatbot, advanced face analysis, self-driving car prototype with SLAM and Computer Vision, deep learning interface for ROS. He is also a former Data Engineer for Omnilytics CO which responsible to handle more than 1 billion fashion and beauty products across the globe. Husein is also a former data scientist who developed open source library for drone integration with Tensorflow, and a former machine learning engineer for PRU-14 barisan nasional intelligent dashboard.

Currently, Husein is attached to BIGIT and LigBlou to deliver data science, data engineer, machine learning and developer operations workshops to help the nation for smarter tech parallel to Industry 4.0.

He is also a maintainer of Malaya, Bahasa Malaysia Natural-Language-Toolkit library, and mainly active in Github and Gitlab.

Topic: Distributed realtime processing using Tensorflow, Apache Kafka and Apache Storm, 100% Python and Docker.

How to use Tensorflow deep learning model to deploy on Apache Storm to classify streaming data, distributedly, and pulled from multiple partitions Apache Kafka to get a perfect deep learning realtime classification. 100% Python and Docker.

Targeting audience with intermediate level of Python knowledge.


Speaker Series – Joshua Arvin Lat

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 8.55.32 PM - Arvs LatJoshua Arvin Lat is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Complete Business Online. He previously served as the Director for Software Development and Engineering for multiple startups which allowed him to see the bigger picture and be more effective as a professional and leader. For the past couple of years, he has been sharing his knowledge in several conferences around the country to discuss practical strategies for companies and professionals.


Topic: Designing and Building Serverless Machine Learning-powered Applications with Python.

Over the past couple of years, several companies around the world have started to embrace the Serverless movement to design and build modern applications. In this talk, Joshua will bridge the gap between reality and expectations when dealing with Serverless Machine Learning-powered Python applications.

Targeting audience with intermediate level of Python knowledge.