PyCon MY 2016 is a wrap!

From Aug 26th to Aug 28th 2016, we  held our third annual PyCon MY in the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) City Campus on Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Aug 26th: Workshop Day.

Aug 26th was Workshop Day. This year we had Boey Pak Cheong from Pytech Resources conduct the training, themed Building with Python. The workshop was geared towards newcomers of python, but have some knowledge of programming in other languages. The training used python3 as a base.

A total of 16 people purchased the tickets for the training, priced at MYR150.

Workshop attendees working on making sure their setup is working.

We had a slight confusion on the start time of the workshop because we had made a mistake by announcing the start time was at 8.30AM on the online schedule instead of at 10AM as per the purchased tickets. Fortunately, nearly all of our attendees came based on the time of the Peatix ticket. We apologize for the confusion.

Aug 27th and 28th: Conference Days.

Conference Day started at 9AM with attendees coming in to register as early as 8:50AM. We had a small issue of some attendees getting lost in the campus trying to find the registration desk. We had anticipated this and had placed volunteers to be easily visible at points where we think will be problematic, but unfortunately it didn’t work out very well. This is something we’ll need to work out better in future PyCons.

Tarek Ziade from Mozilla presenting his keynote

Tarek Ziade from Mozilla started the first conference day with his keynote: Python, the not-so-secret weapon at Mozilla

Tarek talked about the thousands of ways python is being used in Mozilla, and why python is chosen in those cases.

We had HDE Inc. from Tokyo over as our Platinum Sponsor, and it’s sponsored talk session was by Jonas Obrist who talked about asyncio.

For the 1st conference day, we had a total of 9 talks across 2 tracks and 3 lightning talks at the end.

Jonas Obrist from HDE with the sponsored talk session

PyCon MY Dinner on Aug 27th

We had a dinner after the 1st day of conference, to give our speakers and staff an opportunity to get together over food after a day of conference.

PyCon Dinner

The second day of conference was kicked of with the keynote from Steve Holden titled Python As a Positive Influence.


For the 2nd conference day, we had a total of 7 talks across 2 tracks and 3 lightning talks at the end. Unfortunately we had 2 last minute cancellations by our speakers, so we have to move the schedule earlier by around 40 minutes.

Before the second day’s lightning talks, we had a briefing session about next year’s PyCon APAC which MY will be hosting. Many attendees came to listen to the briefing showing great interest in how the organizing will be done, and we even had some people come forward to volunteer themselves to help out.

Wrapping up

This year’s PyCon MY talks ranged from topics such as why python is being used in web development, to board game building, to educational uses of python for high school student, to python being used to easily prototype custom protocols, to even community building and diversity.

What we would like to see more in future PyCon MY is more gender diversity for speaker and attendees, on top of more python use cases example in education and scientific or research use cases using python.

We unfortunately had a few last minute cancellations from our slotted speakers and had to move the schedule up and finish slightly early than planned.

Pictures of the conference are released under Creative Commons (CC-BY) license and can be accessed here:

PyCon APAC 2017

For next year, we will be hosting the Asia Pacific version of PyCon, known as PyCon APAC. Follow us on Twitter @pyconmy, or join us on our Facebook group for updates!




Another week to PyCon MY 2016

It’s the time of the year again, where the pythonistas (the people who use and develop programs using python) in Malaysia come together for a yearly conference, PyCon MY in Kuala Lumpur.

If you are new to python and it’s conferences, here’s as short description of what a PyCon is:

The Python Conference (PyCon) is an annual convention for the discussion and promotion of the Python programming language. It originated in the United States but is also held in many other countries that have active Python developer communities.

The first PyCon we had in Malaysia was in March 2014, with the support of iTrain by allowing us to have a one track, one day conference at their offices. Over 70 people came, with Eric Holscher of Read The Docs fame as our keynote speaker.

In August 2015, we had our second yearly PyCon MY with over 100 people attending.

PyCon MY 2015, held in University Malaya’s Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

In the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, PyCons are being held in many countries. The APAC community is a group of PyCon organizers and they meet up annually to discuss how to better reach out to their respective locals in particular and the APAC region in general. Once a year, one country will host the PyCon APAC version of the conference.

The APAC community meeting in Seoul during PyCon APAC 2016. Present are PH, TW, SG, JP, KR, VN and HK with the PSF.

If you’ve never been to a PyCon before, here are some comments from those who were at our 2015 PyCon MY last year:

pycon is one of those event where I manage to learn on different technique on python being used, something that hard for me to do at work. It is a place where I meet different python developer in malaysia, it is pretty awesome

– Swee Meng, co-chair PyCon MY 2015

I attended PyCon last year as a speaker. It was really a great experience to talk to other experienced developers and passionate people in the industry. Expect an overload of knowledge to be gained! And new friends!

– Shulhi Sapli, speaker for PyCon MY 2015

It was great to attend a conference where people share what they have been doing with python. We don’t have many community led technical conferences focused on building stuff in Malaysia but PyCon is one of them. Seeing how the people that came connect to one another, making new friends and the attendees eyes glittered looking at other people’s projects made running the conference worth it!

– Iqbal Abdullah, chair PyCon MY 2015

I joined conference like PyCon primarily to look for alternative solutions that based on open source techologies. Being in public sector, having cheaper alternative with great local community support is important to us. It just after PyconMy last year that I started exploring data science in Python, particularly on using R with Python and building our internal application in Django

– Mohd Razmi, Pusat Pengetahuan, Komunikasi dan Teknologi (PPKT), USM, Kelantan.

PyCon MY’s aim, other than getting our local python users together for a yearly conference to share and celebrate each other, is to give opportunities for overseas python users and developers to meet and interact with our local pythonistas.

We’ll be having our third PyCon this year, this time to be held at the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) Kuala Lumpur campus. We have 18 talk sessions planned with 18 speakers, including 2 keynotes,  and one PyCon dinner over a period of 2 days. We believe it will be a fun and learning weekend.

Tickets will still be on sale until Friday 8/19 and can be bought here. There will also be a PyCon Dinner Buffet on the first day of the conference, also at the venue and tickets will also be available until Friday 8/19


PyCon MY 2016 Dinner

It has been a tradition for PyCons to have a conference dinner to celebrate the various people that come to our conferences from all around the world. PyCon MY 2016 will be no different, and we will be hosting a dinner for anyone who is interested in making connections and having a great time over food and conversation with other pythonistas.

The dinner will be a separate paid event, and will be held at the IUMW Cafe Foyer, Block C, City Campus of the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) on 8/27 (Sat) from 6PM.

Tentative Menu

1. Spaghetti Olio- Olio
2. Classic Herb & Spices Rice
3. Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce
4. Creamy Citrus Butter Sauce Fish Fillet
5. Stir Fried Mixed Veggies with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
6. Buffalo Wing with Chef Sauce
7. Assorted Homemade Cakes & Assorted Muffins
8. Fresh Mango Pudding
9. Drinks

Chicken and Lamb Satay
15kg Roast Lamb
Places are limited, and due to logistics restrictions, we will close dinner ticket sales on 8/19 (Fri)

For information on the tentative menu and ticket purchase, please go to:

[Late Comers] Additional tickets go on sale

We’ve closed our regular ticket sales on 7/18 but are happy to announce that we’ll be having additional tickets for those of you who were not able to purchase them on time. Our past experiences have shown that no matter what you do, there will be people emailing you complaining he or she can’t buy tickets a week before the event, so here you go!

Introducing the Late Comers ticket: It’s priced slightly lower than the regular tickets, but will NOT include the event tshirt. Everything else stays the same as the regular ticket. These tickets will go on sale right up until a week before the conference: August 19th 2016.

You can purchase the tickets here.


Global Internship Program by HDE

As our Platinum sponsor for PyCon MY 2016, HDE will be joining us during PyCon MY 2016 in Kuala Lumpur and will be interested in meeting potential candidates for their Global Internship Program or GIP.

The GIP is a program that (from their website)

Offers internship position providing opportunities for student to experience practical application development skill using mostly Python/Golang/Erlang. Also, this internship position will provide opportunities to develop application by using Amazon Web Services/Google App Engine. Conversations in the office will be done in English, so that Japanese communication skill is NOT required. The internship will be within the Cloud Product Development division of HDE, Inc. located in Tokyo, Japan.

To find out more what it’s like joining the GIP, you can visit it’s Facebook Page

HDE’s Global Internship Program page on Facebook.

Up until now, HDE has welcomed interns from Ukraine, The USA, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand to name a few. We also know there are Malaysians who are playing important roles in the company.

The internship program also includes benefits by HDE such as:

  • This internship is a training program without a salary. But, HDE will assists your stay in Japan by subsidizing up to 150,000yen/month for your living costs such as foods, commuting expenses, and apartment fee.
  • Students can find monthly apartments near our office. (ex. )
  • We will pay the insurance cost and international airfares to Japan.
  • There will be a chance to be a full time worker according to intern’s outputs.

If you’ve just graduated from college or are currently in your final year of studying Computer Science and have ever wanted to experience what living (and working) in Tokyo would be like, this is a great opportunity to find out. Depending on how you did during the internship program, there is even a chance of getting a position with HDE!

Purchase tickets and join us at PyCon MY 2016 and come and meet representatives from HDE to find out more about their Global Internship Program.


F & B Sponsor for PyCon MY 2016: OnApp

We are pleased to announce OnApp is once again has agreed to sponsor us this year. This time, as an F & B sponsor.

Announcing our Platinum Sponsor for PyCon MY 2015: OnApp

OnApp is a company that develops cloud management, CDN and storage software for service providers and enterprises. OnApp has more than 150 staff in the U.S, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Their headquarters are in London, UK

The person in charge for tying up with us even had this to say:Python is being actively used as a core language in OnApp KL, and we are very happy to be part of it to promote and contribute.

We are extremely please to have OnApp support for PyCon MY 2016. Thank you!


Friday Workshop: Building with Python

Good news!

To kickoff PyCon MY 2016, we’ll be having a paid workshop for anyone who is interested in jump starting  their next project with Python. Boey Pak Cheong of Pytech Resources will be your trainer and will guide you on using python 3.

You can purchase tickets for the workshop here.

This workshop is suitable for beginners or someone who has not previous experience on using python, but you’ll need to have experience in programming with a different language as a background. Please read through the course description below before signing up:

1 Building with Python

Friday August 26, 2016 10AM to 5PM (lunch break 12PM to 2PM)

Title: Building with Python

1.1 About the workshop

You already have some experience with at least one other language and
 now would like to learn how to code in Python and how to build your
 future applications with it.

Getting involved in the Python community is a great way to quickly
 learn and hone your Python skills. This one-day workshop will provide
 you a broad flavour of the language as well as to build a strong
 foundation for you to step into the diverse application domains of
 Python on your own.

First we gain some understanding of the language by playing with some
 code snippets. Then we introduce a simple text-based game which
 covers importing modules, random numbers, loops, data type conversion,
 input from user and other topics. We will also discuss what libraries
 are available to build your Python applications.

1.2 Prerequisites

- You should already know how the basics of programming in at least
 one other programming language.
 - A laptop (Windows,Mac, or Linux)
 - Python 3 preinstalled (from
 - A programmer's editor you are comfortable with.

1.3 Learning outcomes

- Learn how to install and set up Python and third party libraries
 - Write basic Python programs and understand code that is written by
 - Establish a strong foundation for you to further develop your
 coding skills on their own.
 - Learn what tools are available for use for your Python projects

Trainer Profile

Boey Pak Cheong

Boey Pak Cheong has more than 20 years experience using Python and has
been teaching it since 2006. His clients include Intel, F-Secure,
CSGI, Experian, MIMOS, Censof and many others.

He founded Pytech Resources which specializes in Python and Django
training and consultancy and software development. Boey graduated from
Universiti Malaya with a degree in Chemical Engineering but became
keenly interested and actively involved in computer programming from
the late 1980s. He has worked in technical and management positions
with British Petroleum, ITT and Alcatel and also attended a senior
management training program at the London Business School, UK.

He created the software for a leading e-commerce website using Python
that dynamically generates comprehensive pdf reports and continues
active development of new products for this website. But today Boey is
primarily focused on teaching Python and Django and providing
consultancy services thereof.

Platinum Sponsor Announcement: HDE


We’re thrilled to announce our Platinum Sponsor for PyCon MY: HDE based in Tokyo! HDE has been very supportive of PyCon in the Asia Pacific region, and this year marks their entrance as sponsors for PyCon MY.

About HDE:

The last goal of a business is making a profit and contributing to the society through it.

Since we started our business in 1996, we have faithfully worked on how we can make the world better with our new technology.

Our concept of “liberating technology” harbors the hopes that more of our customers can benefit from high-end technology including ours; we believe it can change the world better.

Through the technology, we’d ultimately like to make a new value and contribute to the world economy. Also, we are sure it will return us a bigger benefit by the expansion of the world economy when we pursue common good other than monopolistic trivial gain.

“Accept the present needs and create original but practical solutions.” “Invigorate Japanese IT industry and distribute the interest to as many people as possible.” These are the first step to our goal, which will prove our desire to the intellectual horizon, as well.

As we have done, we will never stop being creative in the future.

HDE believes the potential that Malaysia has, and are excited to tie up with local businesses and also are interested to meet talented engineers during PyCon MY 2016.