Grant from PyCon Malaysia

We at PyCon Malaysia is happy to announce 2 grants for Python Developers in Malaysia, primary focus on events. The grant will be PyCon APAC Participation Grant and Mini PyCon MY Grant.

PyCon APAC Participation Grant

This grant aims to increase awareness about, co-operation between and participation within the regional APAC PyCons, it’s community and Malaysian participants.

The purpose above can further be divided into 4 aspects:

  • Data and material collection: Based on material collected from attending the regional event, create contents for PyCon MY, such as a report on the event with pictures for blog posts.
  • Diplomacy: Get to know and create contacts with the keypersons and team organizing the regional PyCon
  • Observation: Give feedback to PyCon MY based on observations of the regional PyCon.
  • Public Relations: Make announcements via LT or regular talk about the activities of PyCon MY in particular and APAC in general, to garner interest in PyCon MY.

What the participant need to do

In return for a blog post report which includes evidence of attendance to the event and interaction with the local PyCon organizers, we will grant the said amount above to one or more persons which have successfully applied for the grant. Each successful applicant is required to present one report each.

The grant will be disbursed in 3 stages:

  1. Stage 1: (25%) When the successful applicant has confirmed he/she accepts the grant and the conditions, and is able to secure tickets for the event
  2. Stage 2: (25%) When the successful applicant has confirmed travel arrangements: 1) Flight and 2) Accommodations
  3. Stage 3: (50%) When the applicant returns, presents the required work and PyCon MY QA has been done.

Mini PyCon MY Grant

This grant aims to help python user groups in other parts of Malaysia to organize, execute and do a post-mortem of smaller PyCon conferences in their communities.

Grant conditions:

In return for a blog post report which includes evidence of execution of the event we will grant the said amount above to the persons or groups which have successfully applied for the grant.

If you are interested in any of these

You can contact our community coordinator, sweemeng<>.

PyCon APAC 2017 Financial Aid Analysis

We did a quick analysis on the take up of our first Financial Aid program for PyCon APAC this year. Hopefully by shedding light on the statistic of the applicants for the FA program, it will increase awareness on such a program, and encourage more new comers to take advantage and join us in future PyCons.

The Analysis

PyCon APAC 2017 is the third PyCon event to be held in Malaysia. As we have a bigger budget to work with for this year’s event, we decided to run a Financial Aid program. The aim of the program is to provide financial assistance of MYR500 to as many attendees as possible to help them participate in the event.

Of the total, 71% are male. We found slightly more than half of them to be from the 21 to 29 year old group. A quarter are below the age of 21, the youngest of which is 19. Another 24% are above 30 years old.

Screenshot from 2017-08-16 12-40-53

Surprisingly, only 38% of the applicants are Malaysians. The majority of non-Malaysian applicants came from India. More than 60% are working while the remainder are studying or pursuing postgraduate degrees.

Screenshot from 2017-08-16 12-41-13

Around 38% of the applicants have attended a previous PyCon event; for one candidate this will be his 4th PyCon event. For the remainder, this will be their first PyCon.

Nearly two-thirds of them have advanced knowledge of Python, having produced products to do with Python or with Python. Two of the candidates are speakers for PyCon APAC 2017.

Screenshot from 2017-08-16 12-43-51

And that’s it. We thought it would be interesting to provide a breakdown of the candidates who applied for this Financial Aid program. Of the batch, 15 were selected. Our committee also made sure that all 15 attendees receive coupon codes that allow them to purchase PyCon APAC 2017 tickets at a discount.

Hopefully with the sharing of this data, we will be able to encourage more Python enthusiasts to apply for future similar programs.