CfP ticket requirements

Currently as part of the Call For Proposals submission we’re requiring the submitter to purchase a ticket, as a measure to ensure that the submitter will attend PyCon APAC 2017. This measure has received multiple feedbacks, especially from overseas would-be speakers who believes this puts an extra financial burden on them, without the certainty if they will speak or not in the first place.

As it is apparent right now, this measure is discouraging a more active participation for PyCon APAC. We will revisit our program selection schedule within the next week and make changes to the CfP process to allow for an easier submission process.

Speak at PyCon APAC 2017

We Are Looking for speakers for PyCon APAC 2017

PyCon APAC 2017 will be held at Connexion Conference and Event Center in Kuala Lumpur from Aug 26th to Aug 27th 2017. We are now looking for speakers for PyCon APAC.

There are 3 types of format you can choose for your talk:

A standard talk session is a 30-minute session with a 10-minute Q&A at the end. Workshop is a 40-minute tutorial session and it can be a hands-on approach with the audience. Lightning talk is a 5-minute super quick session to talk on topic of your own interest.

Your talk can be for Beginners, Intermediate or Advance python users and developers.

We welcome many topics concerning the usage of development of python, and with this being a regional conference we will especially be interested in talks that showcases specific use cases your locale. An example of the topics that we’re looking for are

  • Web programming, including frameworks i.e Django, Flask, Pylons etc.)
  •  Python in education, science and maths
  • Machine learning and data science
  • Python libraries, extending and embedding python in hardware
  • GUI and games
  • Best practices
  • Network programming
  • System administration
  • Project case studies
  • Community building and human interaction
  • Programming tools
  • Packaging
  • Anything else basically which doesn’t really fall into the types of topics above

Your talk can be conducted in English or Bahasa Malaysia although due to the regional aspect of APAC please note that there will be participants who will not understand Bahasa.

Before you can send a proposal though, we would require that you purchase a ticket first, to indicate that you’re committed to attend the conference as a participant. At the same time we unfortunately can not guarantee that your proposal will be accepted, but we’ll try our best to fit you in.

This Call For Proposal will be open until 22nd July 2017, or when we think we have enough proposals for the conference. Expect to be notified if your proposal was accepted within 3 weeks after the CFP is closed.

So if you have something that you want to share with everyone about your favorite python thing, please send in your talk proposal!

Call for Talk Proposals (CFP) PyCon MY 2016

We’re excited again this year to announce our start of the CFP for PyCon MY 2016, which will be held from 26th to 28th August. The deadline for proposals is 28th May 2016.

PyCon MY attracts professional developers from all walks of life, including industry, government, and science, as well as enthusiast and student developers. We’re looking for proposals for presentations and tutorials on any aspect of Python programming, at all skill levels from novice to advanced.

Presentation subjects may range from reports on open source, academic or commercial projects; or even tutorials and case studies. If a presentation is interesting and useful to the Python community, it will be considered for inclusion in the program. Following our tradition of Everybody Pays for PyCon, you’ll still need to buy tickets even if your proposal is accepted.

This year’s theme is about building cool things in Python, but really we are all ears for any kind of topics!

First time speakers

We welcome first time speakers! If you have friends or colleagues who have something valuable to contribute, please also forward this Call for Proposals to anyone that you feel may be interested. As a community, we are eager to hear about your experience.

Talk formats

Presenters are given 30 minutes including 10 minutes of Q&A session for talks. If you are more interested in teaching, you might want to try the workshop format where you can engage with participants better. The length for workshop can be from 2 hours up to 4 hours. If that’s not your thing and you like to quickly show or tell people about anything that particularly interesting for you (and the audience), try the lightning talk. It’s only 5-minutes long.

You can submit your proposal here:

CfP is closed

From 22nd March 2015 we have opened up calls for speakers via a public CfP and the time has come to close.

Thank you all for your proposals: We will go through them and contact you within the next week, before the ticket on sale period ends to give you a chance to buy your tickets. Due to the limited amount of slots, there is a possibility that your proposal cannot be accepted, but there will always be next year!

Call for proposals have been extended

Hi Everyone,

According to our original schedule, the CfP deadline is 3rd July 2015.

Because we would like to give as much opportunity as possible for speakers to gain from our sponsor giveaway, we have decided to extend the deadline to 10th July 2015.


The selected CfP announcement is unchanged at 24th July 2015.

So do you have a story to tell about how you use your python? Send them here!