TALK SERIES: Anyone can make visual novels with Ren’py!


In modern times, making a game has never been more easy. Even those with minimal programming knowledge can learn to make a visual novel.

Ren’py is a game engine built on top of Python and Pygame. It can make programs for Windows, Mac, Linux, (and with extra libraries) iOS, or Android.

In under 20 minutes, Dr Sony Valdez will demonstrate how to create a simple visual novel game using the Ren’py game engine. He has primarily used Ren’Py to teach the fundamentals of programming to non-programmers such as high schoolers. It has its own scripting language but advanced coders can access the pygame library underneath.

This talk’s target audience are non-programmers starting from young high schoolers.

Dr Sony Valdez is a professor with 30+ years of programming experience. He was introduced to Python from an early version in Blender. In 2014, he co-founded Python Philippines after the country’s first PyCon.

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