SPONSOR TALKS: Manage your Data Science pipeline with Visual Studio Code


Visual Studio Code is constantly being updated with new features for Data Science and Python. We will explore in this session what’s new in Visual Studio Code and Python for Data science and how Visual Studio and Azure Machine Learning Service can help you build, train and deploy models without leaving Visual Studio Code.

Joao is a self-appointed Data Maniac and has been working on applying data to solve complex problems for over 20 years. Joao is currently passionate about Machine Learning, Python and AI. During the day, Joao leads the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialist team for Asia at Microsoft, and, in his spare time, Joao loves to put to work new data techniques and principles to his off-work passions.

Joao hails from Portugal, joined Microsoft in 2006 and has worked in the Middle-East, Africa and Asia for the past 10 years.

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