Tutorial Series: Building “Smart Home” With Python by Afeez Aziz

As we approach 2020’s advent of new Internet of Things technologies, smart homes and home automation have become increasingly common rather than inaccessibly luxurious. Numerous IoT products have risen like Google Clips, Amazon Alexa and INSTEON. This is to provide easy-to-install smart home technologies to even the least technologically-savvy consumers. However, with so many products available today, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself.

In this tutorial, Afeez Aziz will demonstrate how to build your own Smart Home using Python. During the tutorial, you will learn how to program your development board. In this case, Raspberry Pi. You will be using Micropython, setting up MQTT server and gateway, and learn how to let the sensors communicate between one another using subscribe and publish methods. As a result, after this tutorial, you will be able to set up your very own Smart Home.

Afeez Aziz is a Managing Director and Founder of Pipeline Network Sdn. Bhd. This company helps GLCs, Government Sectors and City Council develop and implement software, Internet of Things Solution and Cloud Computing Service in their organizations. His main goals are to lead the innovation and technological transformation in Malaysia and help Malaysia to achieve Industrial Revolution 4.0.

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