TUTORIAL’S SPECIAL: Introduction to Python by Ing Wei Tang


Great news! Python 101 tutorial will be made out public and the link will be shared soon!

One of the reasons that perhaps deters people going for PyCon or Python related conferences is people have zero knowledge of python or little knowledge of python programming language. Hence, in order to encourage attendees attending the conference without fear, PyCon APAC 2020 online had prepared a session of Python 101.

Python 101 tutorial session serves as an opportunity to help the attendees to equip themselves with basic python programming knowledge that allows them to attend the conference without any fear. Apart from covering basic features of Python programming, the tutorial session will also look into two use cases in python such as using requests module to interact with REST API, and interaction with MySQL.

Ing Wei is the chair for PyCon MY 2019, the co-chair of PyCon MY 2018. He has spoken in various PyCons, particularly in PyCon APAC 2018, as well as participating in PyCon communities actively in Malaysia.

He uses Python a lot in his daily work, especially coding the automation process and flow. During his past time, he likes to experience and perform hacking different things on operating system level.

Apart from programming languages, he can also speak 5 different types of languages concurrently in one sentence. Please ask for a demo if time permits.

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