TUTORIAL SERIES: Celery is Digestive! by Abhishek Mishra


In this tutorial Abhishek Mishra will explain to you on the following topics:
– What is task queue
– What is celery
– The celery task execution process
– The different framework support for celery
– Choosing broker for it (Redis or RabbitMQ or Aliens) – approach for using celery in application –

The hands-on demo with all steps and showing task queue results will cover the following example.
– Small flask application with user form
– Sending welcome email asynchronous using celery to the user

Abhishek Mishra is a Software engineer at Essentia SoftSer in India and primarily works on Python. He is also an active community contributor in developer community like GDG’s, Python User Groups across India, and one of the organizers of PyCon India. His goal is to make the developer community especially the Python community more diverse & inclusive across the globe.

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