Demystifying Web Map Servers: the invisible side of Geographic Information Systems by Shivashis Padhi

The oldest map dates back to 600 BC, and was carved on a tabloid. Since then, we have come a long way to view maps on digital screens and browse through terabytes of data seamlessly. Have you wondered how do web-based map services like Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps function? How do they display the right image with the right data when you zoom in to a location?

During this workshop, Shivashis Padhi take some custom geospatial data, and build a web map server with Python conforming to OGC standards. A standard web map client would then visualize our data with a Slippy Map.

Shivashis is a student of Computer Science at NIT Trichy, India and about to graduate later this year. During the day, he work at Grofers in the data engineering team. He spend his leisure time dabbling with geospatial data with Python, plants, or looking at old maps and photographs.

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