Bring your Python script to more users! by Takuya Futatsugi a.k.a Nikkie


This tutorial is good for beginner. In this tutorial Nikkie will introduce how to enable others to use your Python script. He will show you 3 things:
1) changing your script to CLI app
2) changing your script to GUI app
3) changing your script to Web app

The outcome is for the audience to know:
– how to use argparse
– how to use Eel
– how to use Flask

Takuya Futatsugi a.k.a Nikkie is working as a data scientist on natural language processing. He is such a lazy engineer that is enthusiastic about automating boring stuff with Python. Since 2019, he is staff of PyCon JP and in 2020 automated some staff activities with Python. He loves anime.

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