PANELIST LINE UP: Python on Raspberry Pi and Other Single Board Computers


Ahmad Hafeezi is a Full Stack Software Developer on Angular, NodeJS, Python Flask, ASP.Net Core for Web and NodeJS, Python for Edge on Raspberry Pi. He has been doing programming since late 2005. He was mainly on Windows platform earlier on then fell in love with Linux in 2009. Microsoft .Net was his bread and butter until middle 2018.

He started branching out to Python, Frontend Web Frameworks and NodeJS in 2015 and now doing it full time after leaving his job in 2018. Now he is working at Kinabalu Makers Sdn Bhd as Managing Director, Software Lead and Software Architect. He was also one of the original Founders of Kinabalu Coders in 2014 and served as Vice President until late 2019. Now he is serving as Treasurer for Kinabalu Coders.


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