Practical Docs-as-Code by David Garcia

We all value good product docs, but writing them is another story. The pressure to launch the product does not leave you time for taking care of documentation. And when there is time, you don’t feel productive since you know they might become outdated as soon as there is a new version of the software.In this workshop, David Garcia will show you the techniques and tools he use to keep documentation projects current while enjoyable to maintain.

He will host the docs in GitHub near its source code, write them in RestructuredText, generate a beautiful site with Sphinx, use Netlify to automate the publication process, and GitHub Actions to test them.David (@dgarcia360) is a freelance software engineer helping tech companies to enhance the developer experience of their APIs.

He enjoys contributing to open-source projects and shares his learning journey on API Design, Developer Experience (DX), and Docs-as-Code at


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