Faster Python apps with open source APM by Aravind Putrevu

Slow applications are no fun. Application performance monitoring (APM) makes tracking down issues much easier. But which tools should you use? With the release of Elastic APM, there’s a new option. The language server and clients are fully open source (Apache 2.0) so you can get started with any app. Elastic’s APM was released some…

PANEL TOPIC: ML/DL on Edge Computing?

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Younggun is a Fellow and a former board director of the Python Software Foundation. He founded PyCon Korea with local Pythonistas. He attends several regional conferences yearly in Asia to help promote the PSF and stays connected with regional organizers. As VP Engineering of ODK Media, he leads engineering teams in US, KR, and VN….

PANELIST LINE UP: ML/DL on Edge Computing?

Vaibhav Srivastav is a Data Scientist working with Deloitte Consulting LLP. Vaibhav works with Fortune Technology 10 clients to help them make data-driven (profitable) decisions. In his surplus time he serves as a Subject Matter Expert on Google Cloud Platform to help build scalable, resilient and fault tolerant cloud workflows. Prior to this, he has…

PANELIST LINE UP: ML/DL on Edge Computing?

Tetsuya Jesse Hirata @ Jesse is a software engineer working at an EdTech company based in Tokyo. He has been working with data scientists and involved with several ML projects. Prior to this, he used to research the relationships between online learning behaviors and learning outcomes at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE) in the…

PANELIST LINE UP: Python on Raspberry Pi and Other Single Board Computers

Daphne Choong is CEO and co-founder of Data Smart, a company specialising in AI and Blockchain consultancy. She also volunteers at Women Who Code Kuala Lumpur (WWCodeKL), a non-profit organisation with the aim of encouraging and supporting women in their technology careers. #PyConAPAC2020#PyCon#PyConPanelTopic#PyConPanelist#Python#PythonProgrammingLanguage