Changes to PyCon MY PLT


Since starting our first (mini) PyCon in Malaysia in 2014, Swee Meng and Iqbal started out with 3 targets:

  1. To start PyCon in Malaysia
  2. To create a base to manage financial resources in a transparent way
  3. To bring APAC to Malaysia

During the time between 2014 to 2019, we’ve managed to hit those targets, and were joined by new people like Rasyadi Rabuan (who left on 4th Sept 2018) and Hilmi Bakhari (who joined us on 4th Sept 2018).

Now with APAC coming back to Malaysia in 2020, we feel strongly that the job that we set out to do have already been done, and the future of PyCon in Malaysia needs to be designed and realized by new people with bigger passion and ideas.

And so

Effective on 31st Dec 2019, Swee Meng and Iqbal has resigned and no longer be partners or members of the PyCon MY PLT board. Swee Meng and Iqbal will no longer take part in the organization or operation of PyCon MY.

The current board members/partners are:

  • TANG ING WEI (Chair for PyCon MY 2019)

You can read more about PyCon MY PLT here.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the Malaysian python community, and also the APAC community for all the help and trust that they have given to us.

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