Speaker Series – Fatin Fatihah Zahari


When Fatin was younger, she dreamt of working alongside Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Steve passed while I was finishing my bachelor in engineering and she was devastated. Years passed and she further her MSc in the UK, reading news about Bill and his amazing philanthropy initiatives. Working at Microsoft? She never felt that she was good enough.
Then she thought to herself while she was pregnant – gosh, I need money to pay rent and ‘think different’ to get to a huge corporate job where I can work and play. 12 months later, after getting her MSc and her son, she got the offer from Microsoft. She flew back, resigned from her old job and said to herself, “All you have to decide is what to do with the time given to you” – Gandalf. Now she is working as a Technical Account Manager and on the weekends she gets the chance to go to conferences, meeting amazing people like you!

We are all in progress towards something, no one is lagging nor too fast in their journey. You do you.

Topic: Will AutoML Takes Over Data Scientist’s Job?

Will data scientists automate themselves out of their job? If yes, how and if not, what are the current gap?

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