Speaker Series – Dr Norhasliza Yusof


IMG_8201 - NORHASLIZA YUSOF Dr Norhasliza Yusof is a senior lecturer at Department of Physics, University of Malaya. She obtained her PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics under Split-Site PhD programme under University of Malaya and Keele University, UK. Her expertise is in stellar structure and evolution where it involves massive numerical and computing techniques in simulating the real-life stars.

Topic: Computational Physics with Python.

Python programming is implemented at two level of studies, at the entry level Python is introduced in the year two numerical and computational methods course. At the follow-up course in year three, Python 3 is used in solving physics problems using numerical methods. Anaconda provides excellent modules and libraries that are needed in scientific computing. The objectives are for the students to be able to write codes from scratch using numerical methods learned from the first course for example Euler Methods to solve Ordinary Differential Equations and then applied to some real physics problems using some specific techniques. Students are trained from devising the mathematical equations, turning it into a suitable algorithm and writing the program in Python language. They are also require to visualized their result using Matplotlib and test with exact values and analysed their results with appropriate error analysis.

Targeting audience with beginner level of Python knowledge.

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