Speaker Series – Renaldi Gondosubroto

Renaldi Gondosubroto - Renaldi Gondosubroto.png Renaldi is the Founder and CEO of GReS Studio. He leads the organisation with a vision of having an interconnected world where businesses and individuals can share big data with each other. His personal vision is to be able to get more young minds into taking leadership positions in the companies that will come. Through his passion of developing software and contributing to the opensource community, Renaldi wants to encourage the innovation of new solutions to usher forward and promote a new era of innovations that can be used by everyone. He enjoys sharing his knowledge regarding his experiences within the tech industry with many other people in order to also inspire and put them in the right track for success, both in conferences and in regular everyday situations.

Topic: The Rise of the Motion Controlled Robotic Arms.

This talk will aim to show a fascinating side to programming with the complement of hardware on the side; this in particular using industrial-grade robotic arms. Through programming the receiving end of the leap motion technology in Python, I will demonstrate how one will be able to receive the coordinates, transport the data to be stored in the cloud, and eventually put the coordinates out for use in the robotic arms themselves and how the arms will interpret the movement to best be followed. Through programming as the intermediary and with leap motion technology available, the coordinates in 3D space of each bone in the hand can be obtained, allowing very accurate movement of the robotic arms and the hands attached to it, particularly the fingers on the hands, to follow along with the actual movement as well. Through showing how the data can be transported, stored, and used from the cloud, the audience will also learn about the importance of the Internet of Things concept in creating systems such as this one and understand the extents of how cloud technology can best be used to support these systems. The audience will leave feeling inspired to begin their own projects within Python that relates to the Internet of Things concept, mechanised systems, and maybe even go on to build their own full-fledged Pacific Rim robots! And yes, I will be demonstrating a full-sized implementation of the programmed robotic arms and hands as well after showing how to program it.

Targeting audience with intermediate level of Python knowledge.