Speaker Series – Lau Sian Lerk

Shian Lerk is privileged to journey with a boutique software engineering team to bring new ideas and accelerate the banking and finance industry. Besides crafting solutions using Django, Celery, and Postgresql, he delights in guiding and journeying with a team of UX/BE developers to deliver innovation and satisfaction to the users.

Being a 6-year old in Python and new kid on the block with Django, Sian Lerk sees much synergy between both traditional and Django ORM.

Topic: Solving performance issues in Django ORM.

Sian Lerk came late in knowing Django ORM, and he felt in love at first glance. The ease of programmatically defining the schema, straightforward versioning, near no-frills ORM experience, cross-database support and the list goes on.

However, if your boss(es) started to ask about faster API endpoints, one’s eyes may roll. This is even more evident in his situation, where cross-database support is needed owing to client requirements. So, what can we tell our boss(es)? 😉

Targeting audience with intermediate level of Python knowledge.


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