Speaker Series – Noah Chen

Noah is a PyCon Nomad,
a volunteer of FOSSASIA, a non-for-profit organization for promoting FOSS and open technologies in Asia, and a volunteer of PyCon TW/JP/KR/SG/ID/MY/TH/HK/PH and PyCon APAC since 2015. He is also a volunteer and speaker of EuroPython 2018.
As a managing member of Python Software Foundation, Noah’s wish is to connect everyone who enjoy using Python, and try to promote programming education to young generation or everyone who interested in programming by teaching basic programming skill using Python and R, for example, be a mentor of Hour of Code, or Google Summer of Code with FOSSASIA.

Topic: Ready to say goodbye to Python 2.7 ! ?

According to PEP 373, we knew Python 2.7 EOL is moved to 2020. in PEP 404, we knew Python 2.8 will never come, which means all versions of Python 2 official bugfix and support at EOL will be ended. 2019 is the last year of Python2. Let’s review the glory memories in the history of Python.

Targeting audience with beginner level of Python knowledge.

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