Speaker Series – Chan Ai Sin

Photo_Aisin - Ai Sin Chan Ai Sin had trained hundreds of telecommunication engineers in 16 countries spanned over 4 continents and written more than 10 training manuals used in worldwide offices. She had also helped build the first 3G mobile communication network in Beijing in 2009. Later she had co-founded a technical training service in Malaysia which saw its profit tripling year on year. One of her latest adventure was co-authoring and publishing a book Money Stories from Malaysians which is an anthology of short stories on personal finance. Currently she is a digital nomad with Xoxzo and contributes regularly to the Xoxzo blog.

Topic: Studi.MY : A case study of a Python outreach program.

Studi.MY was an idea hatched to reach out to the public who are interested in learning Python, to introduce to them the best practices in coding and the world of open source. We learnt about consumer behaviours, the local market, and obstacles that we had not expected before we got our hands on it.

Targeting audience with beginner level of Python knowledge.


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