Speaker Series – Sonal Raj

IMG_20190609_174749_255 - Sonal Raj Sonal is an avid pythonista and open source evangelist, and is an integral part of the finance and technology industry. He heads the Data Analytics and Reasearch efforts at a High Frequency Trading Firm. He holds a master in Information Technology and has been a research fellow at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Sonal is the author of the book ‘Neo4j High Performance’, the upcoming ‘Interview Essentials’ series and the creator of the ‘neopy’ python library. He is also a reviewer of the Journal of Open Source Software and the editor of ‘People Chronicles Media’.

Topic: IOT Application Development with Python and Serverless Computing.

If you are crazy about python, automation, voice controlled applications and open to brainstorming programmable IOT ideas, then this is the talk for you! Your takeaway would a head start in building IOT device skills on serverless infra, discuss future ideas of useful skills and some cool app demos.

Targeting audience with intermediate level of Python knowledge.


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