Speaker Series – Aniruddha Adhikary

19424212_1345556305493575_5376800575250837975_n - Aniruddha Adhikary Aniruddha is a Software Engineer at Telenor Health, working on spreading healthcare to the grassroots of Bangladesh. He has experience working on Web Applications, Data Mining, Data Engineering, and Data Analysis. He has been programming and hacking on open source projects for eight years. Anything about Healthcare and Natural Language Processing gets him excited. His major contributions include Firefox OS and spaCy.

Topic: 6 Steps to Your First Commit to Open Source.

You’ve always imagined your commit in a project, imagined massive companies and systems running on your code! With only six short steps, you can be proud of your work serving millions and screaming your value to potential employers.

Contributing to an open source project often feels intimidating and out of reach, but it doesn’t have to be. Open source contributions signal and point to your technical and collaborative qualities. Fork, Clone, Commit and send a Pull Request. Developing patience, the ability to receive feedback and working on feedback are essential for Open Source.

The joy of having your code reach millions is something not worth missing out on. Find a Project. Join the talk in a journey through rejections, review requests and version control nightmares to being a proud contributor.

Targeting audience with beginner level of Python knowledge.



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