PyCon MY 2018 Keynote Speaker Choong Yue Lin

We are excited to announce our second keynote speaker for PyCon MY 2018, Choong Yue Lin, founder of Women Who Code Singapore (psst, she’s Malaysian though).


Yue Lin is experienced C coder for more than 10 year. She has now turned her attention to Python. She has conducted various Python Workshops, covering topics from Python basics to Data Scraping to Image Processing.

She has been honing her skills in Machine Learning with Python. She currently also manages an Open Data project in Python.

PyCon MY is happening from 25 August to 26 August 2018 at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (our venue partner).

More updates here on program schedule and development sprint in the coming weeks!



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  1. Sathasivam says:

    Any financial aid for PyCon 2018?


    1. cheeyim says:

      Hello Sathasivam, we’ll have student discount ticket and financial aid for those who travels outside of Klang Valley. Details will be announced really soon this week. Hope this helps!


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