Announcing our Financial Aid recipients

We would like PyCon to be accessible to everyone who wants to come and get involved, but one of the hurdles to accessibility is the financial burden that attending a conference imposes on attendees.
So one of the new things that we’re trying to do for PyCon APAC 2017 is to give out financial aid to selected participants. You can read more about our Financial Aid program philosophy here.

As the money that is used for the financial aid program comes from the community (ticket sales and sponsorship), we are publicly announcing the recipients of the program in this blog post:

First off, thank you to all the candidates who have submitted their application to our financial aid program. After much consideration, the committee has narrowed down the final list to these 10 successful applicants.

Congratulations to the following applicants:

  1. Abd Muhammad Tasnim b Abd Hamid (9X0X24-XX-XXXX)
  2. Akul Mehra (L980XXXX)
  3. Aliyu Isah Agaie (A0633XXXX)
  4. Harshdeep (K335XXXX)
  5. Hwang Hsien Shiung (9X0X05-XX-XXXX)
  6. Karkera Shilpa Shashikant (G710XXXX)
  7. Praveen Patil (M546XXXX)
  8. Russell Tatenda Munodawafa (EN46XXXX)
  9. Satwik Kansal (332XXXX)
  10. Wong Jerng Foong (8X0X02-XX-XXXX)

All successful applicants are reminded to bring their Photo ID for identification to collect the financial aid. The fund will be provided to you on-site at the conference itself. We reserve the right to not process the disbursements in the event that any of the applicants fail to attend the conference.

Thank you for your submissions and we look forward to seeing you all at the conference.

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